Ahead of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, My Place Hosts Training Week

My Place is No Place for Human Trafficking Week with BEST

ABERDEEN, S.D. — In continuing its call to action in preventing human trafficking, My Place Hotels will further its efforts to promote the human trafficking training made available to all team members through a partnership with Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST), hosting “My Place is No Place for Human Trafficking Week” from January 6-10, with National Human Trafficking Awareness Day following on January 11th. The brand will also facilitate an additional training week with a focus on operations beginning January 13.

The training week, which was announced alongside the brand’s push to provide all team members with human trafficking training through BEST this past June, is aimed at re-training hotel staff across the nation on the topic of human trafficking prevention.

Since announcing its partnership with BEST in June, the brand has maintained a 100 percent completion rating of BEST’s “Inhospitable to Human Trafficking” training across its network of general managers and headquarters team members. As a part of the training week, the brand looks to further expand efforts to encourage all hotel staff to complete BEST’s training, the most comprehensive training of its kind.

“Since announcing our brand-wide initiative to take a stand against the threat of human trafficking back in June, our hotel operators and staff remain committed to promoting awareness on the important topic, which involves recognizing the signs of human trafficking and knowing how to properly report any related situations,” said My Place Hotels EVP/General Counsel Matthew Campbell.


My Place Hotels’ operators can also expect to train on a variety of additional topics with a release of resources created for a week focused on “ROLES,” as outlined below.

  • Monday, January 13: “Reward,” with an emphasis on brand loyalty
  • Tuesday, January 14: “Outreach,” with an emphasis on sales and revenue management
  • Wednesday, January 15: “Lead,” with an emphasis on leadership training
  • Thursday, January 16: “Excel,” with an emphasis on quality assurance and trends
  • Friday, January 17: “Sentiment,” with an emphasis on digital touchpoints

“As a brand, we look forward to the opportunity to boldly reaffirm our brand’s goal to provide all hotel operators with human trafficking training through BEST and re-visit a variety of other training topics across all 53 of our hotels the following week,” said Campbell.

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