Whitepaper: Push-to-Talk Over Cellular and Wi-Fi Communications Systems

    Hytera PoC WhitepaperPush-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is ideal for hotels and resorts with large facilities, multiple locations, and shuttle services. Two-way radio and video communications are integral to hotel and casino operations. PoC provides wide-area coverage and the bandwidth to support streaming video for casino security bodycams. PoC radios are rugged devices that can stand up to dropping and water submersion. They are easy-to-use devices so staff training is fast and simple. Managers can use PoC Smartphones that run hospitality industry Android apps. PoC devices can also use a hotel’s existing Wi-Fi network, and seamlessly switch to cellular/LTE networks when off site. Dispatching applications enable real-time location tracking with the GPS capabilities built into PoC devices for dispatching shuttle drivers and maintenance crews.

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