U.S. Consumers Want More Tech in Hotels

U.S. consumers are more likely to show up, shop, eat, and stay at businesses that offer more technology and hotels are no exception, according to a recent survey of 1,000 consumers commissioned by commercial tablet and engagement company, Bouncepad. The survey showed that three out of four consumers (78 percent) agreed that they want business locations to do a better job of using technology to improve their experience.

“The bottom-line: U.S. consumers overwhelmingly want more technology in brick-and-mortar businesses, but they feel like those businesses are falling short in meeting their expectations,” said Andrew Earley, VP of sales for North America at Bouncepad. “Of course in today’s age, consumers want more technology generally, but it’s notable that a majority want their digital experience to extend to the physical businesses they visit.”

Consumers not only want more technology in the businesses they frequent–77 percent are more likely to visit businesses that offer technology, and the same number reported that they were more likely to shop at brick-and-mortar stores that offer self-serve or assisted tablets. When it comes to hotels, even the Boomer generation reported wanting to improve their experience, such as avoiding lines at check-in. More than 70 percent ranked “skip the line” among their top two choices when asked what the most important area tech should address at hotels. However, only a minority of consumers have used a tablet or kiosk at a hotel to check-in (35 percent), but two out of three would use one if only if it were available. Additionally, 77 percent of consumers aged 52-65 wanted technology in restaurants to improve their experience versus 69 percent of the general population.

“It’s no secret that Millennials love tech, so we weren’t surprised to see their exponential preference for it in businesses, but unexpected demographics like Boomers, seniors, and lo-tech users all had higher than average preferences for technology in businesses,” said Earley. “Consumers want tech in physical businesses available to them for a host of purposes, and they also want access to self-serve tablets, while still having sales associates available to help them.”



Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn and Bouncepad

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