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Hanne Dittler

Much More Than Changing Sheets: Hanne Dittler Helped Hotel Housekeeping Evolve

For much of the hotel industry’s history, the story of women employed in hotels was one of low pay, second-class status, and no real...
Build your own breakfast omelette at an Embassy Suites (Credit: Hilton)

Hotels Acclaim the Power of Breakfast

Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day. For many hotel brands, the first meal of the day is also...

Getting on Board With Wellness Trends

Health-, weight-, or spirituality-focused properties such as destination spas, weight-loss resorts, and ashrams have nearly always been around for those with the means and...
Westin Project Rise

Westin Upcycles Linens to Give Kids a 
Good Night’s Sleep

Through an innovative, industry-first upcycling program, Westin’s Project Rise: ThreadForward initiative is helping children get the sleep they deserve. By repurposing hotel linens into...
Charity Miles

Westin Program Allows Guests and Staff to Earn Donation Dollars During Workouts

BETHESDA, Md.—Westin Hotels & Resorts announced a global collaboration with Charity Miles, the socially-driven company that allows individuals to earn money for their preferred...