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Road trips - roadside

An Overview of Roadside Property Performance

Interstate properties—one of six location segments defined by STR—encompass hotels that are “in close proximity to major highways, motorways, or other major roads” and...

More Supply and Demand: A Look at the Economy Hotel Landscape

Economy hotels make up one of the seven chain-scale segments defined and benchmarked by STR. These chain scale segments are based primarily on annual...
STR RevPAR Soft Brands

These Are the Factors that Contribute to the Success of Soft Brands

A flurry of entrants to the hotel market’s soft brand space in recent years has raised questions as to its enduring viability. Is this...
growth chart

Slowing Revenue Growth Offset by High Occupancy and ADR

In 2016, the strong growth levels enjoyed by the U.S. lodging industry for the past few years experienced a significant slowdown. Moderate rate growth...
State Fair-Events

The Enormity of Events for Boosting Occupancy

Large-scale events enjoyed a banner year in 2016. A reemerging travel economy—combined with more lodging options than ever before and a bevy of events...