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Disaster recovery

Recovery Patterns From Historical Recessions

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, CBRE has analyzed the operating performance of U.S. hotels during historical economic recessions to estimate the level...
Rebound, Crisis Recovery

CBRE: U.S. Hotel Industry to Begin Multiyear Recovery in Q3

LOS ANGELES – After facing the lowest occupancy levels since the 1930s and the greatest declines in revenues and profits ever experienced in the...
LODGING On Demand — Episode 19: Positioning Your Hotel for Recovery

Episode 19: Positioning Your Hotel for Recovery

Since COVID-19 upended the hotel industry more than five months ago, hoteliers have had to adjust their plans over and over—all while preparing for...
Rebound, Crisis Recovery

Looking Ahead: Recovery Insights from Day Three of AAHOACON 2020

  Hope during a time of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty was the focal point of “Hotelier Insights: Recovery and Looking Past the Pandemic,” a panel...
New York City

Kalibri Labs Turns Spotlight on New York Hotel Performance

New York typically has among the highest guest-paid average daily rates (ADRs) in the country. However, so far this year, the market suffered a...