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costs and insurance coverage

Counting Losses: Understanding Data Breach Response Costs and Cyber Insurance Coverage

Cyber attacks are happening by the minute in every industry, wreaking havoc on operations and finances as well as the lives of clients and guests. The hotel industry is a particularly attractive target to...
businesses against cyber attacks

Contingency Plan: Fortifying Hotel Businesses Against Inevitable Cyber Attacks

The hospitality industry took some of the biggest economic hits during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. For nearly two years, worldwide travel was highly restricted and not too many people were seeking lodging or dining...
Moneesh Arora

Labor Attentive: UniFocus CEO on Pivoting to Employee Experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly shifted the labor workforce, and the hospitality industry is continuing to face a shortage of workers to help house those returning to travel. To discuss the labor crisis facing...

Rest and Relaxation: Enhancing the Guestroom Sleep Environment

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to our well-being. It recharges us and provides us with energy to face the new day. But sometimes getting the quality sleep needed to face a day...
Suburban Studios

Long-Term Strategies: The Growth of Choice’s Extended Stay Brands

Choice Hotels International, Inc. recently announced that its Suburban Extended Stay Hotel brand has been relaunched as Suburban Studios. Ron Burgett, senior vice president of development for extended-stay brands, and Anna Scozzafava, vice president...