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5 Reasons Travelers Buy Insurance: Understanding the Potential Misfortunes

Planning a trip without insurance can result in some costly and rather unfavorable outcomes for travelers. The truth is that it can be common...
costs and insurance coverage

Counting Losses: Understanding Data Breach Response Costs and Cyber Insurance Coverage

Cyber attacks are happening by the minute in every industry, wreaking havoc on operations and finances as well as the lives of clients and...

Altium Insurance Services Introduces Hospitality Pandemic Insurance

NEW YORK — Altium Insurance Services (AIS) is introducing a pandemic insurance product for the hospitality industry, underwritten by a large insurance carrier. Available...
Hotel insurance costs rise

Costs on the Rise: Hotel Insurance Represents a Growing Expense for Hoteliers

As of the writing of this article, we are still evaluating the long-term impact that COVID-19 is having on the U.S. lodging industry. Owners...
LODGING On Demand — Episode 6: COVID-19 Insurance Primer

Episode 6: COVID-19 Insurance Primer

In this episode of LODGING On Demand, LODGING Editor Kate Hughes speaks with insurance experts Steve Figlin, SVP of Young Adjustment Company, and Jay...