5 Reasons Travelers Buy Insurance: Understanding the Potential Misfortunes

Planning a trip without insurance can result in some costly and rather unfavorable outcomes for travelers. The truth is that it can be common for the average traveler to overlook the importance of obtaining coverage before departing. Airfare and the costs of hotels, rental cars, and daily excursions add up quickly, causing many travelers to skip out on purchasing a plan. Misfortunes that befall those without insurance can negatively impact their travel plans and likelihood of traveling in the future. Here are five situations that may persuade travelers to purchase travel insurance ahead of their next trip:

1Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage

Most travel insurance offers baggage loss and baggage delay benefits. Baggage loss insurance covers luggage that is lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling and can help reimburse travelers for those items. Baggage delay insurance will compensate travelers for expenses they have to pay due to late luggage, such as replacing toiletries, or buying a change of clothes and other necessities.

2Medical care

According to ValuePenguin, 28 percent of Americans say they’ve gotten sick or injured while on a trip. A medical situation is uncontrollable and may cost travelers a lot of money, particularly if they must pay for treatment out of pocket. Especially in the case of international travel, there is a chance the medical insurance supporting travelers at home won’t cover their expenses if they become sick or injured abroad.

3Flight mishaps

Basic flight insurance plans through an airline are unlikely to offer extensive coverage that includes not only the cost of the flight, but also hotels, tours, and other prepaid arrangements travelers could miss at their destination because of the flight change. For travelers who are worried about flight cancellations and delays, obtaining more inclusive coverage from a travel insurance specialist can ensure they are better compensated during a flight mishap.

4Unpredictable weather

The weather forecast for the destination can be 85 degrees and sunny, but the journey can be marked with a much different outlook. Seasoned travelers can attest to just how impactful weather events can be on flight schedules, traffic patterns, cruise itineraries, and other aspects of travel. Travel insurance coverage ideally includes trip cancellation, trip delay, and trip interruption benefits in the event of inclement weather.

5Job issues

Sometimes, job-related issues may prevent a traveler from taking a trip booked months ago. Travel insurance can provide reimbursement for those that need to cancel their trip because they are involuntarily terminated or laid off from their job. Typically, there are requirements for compensation, such as length of employment with the company before being terminated. This type of coverage can provide travelers with immeasurable peace of mind in the face of unexpected financial hardship.

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Angela Borden is product strategist for Seven Corners.