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hurricane season

Hurricane Season 2018: Tips to Protect Properties

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season showed the hospitality industry just how much damage these massive storms can create. The cost of damage caused by...
Closed Sign - Business-Interruption Insurance

Three Questions to Ask When Shopping for Insurance

At its most basic, business-interruption insurance helps companies replace the income they lose and pay the extra costs they incur when they have to...
Recovering from Disaster - Insurance Claims

Ensuring Hotel Insurance Claims Cover All the Bases

Destructive events are a given in the hotel 
business. After attending to the safety of guests and staff, a hotelier’s next priority should be...

A Hotelier’s Guide to Business-Interruption Insurance Claims

The harmful effects of devastating weather events in the United States and around the world are on the rise. Hurricanes, wildfires, and other disruptive...
Storm weather hurricane insurance claim

Legal Advice for Filing Storm Damage Claims

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria marked the start of a devastating hurricane season for the U.S. hospitality industry. Hotels across Texas, the U.S. Southeast,...