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Eye on the Storm: Proactively Protecting Property and People

When your property is located in a risky location—such as on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor—it makes sense to get ahead of the weather forecast and...

12 Considerations for Keeping Guests Safe During a Storm

The wind blows, the waters rise, and the lights flicker. How can hospitality providers protect guests? As regions of the country move into the...
hurricane season

Four Tips from GMs for Weathering the 2018 Hurricane Season

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla.—Driftwood Hospitality Management (DHM), a North Palm Beach-based hotel management company that operates 51 hotels throughout the United States and Costa...
hurricane season

Hurricane Season 2018: Tips to Protect Properties

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season showed the hospitality industry just how much damage these massive storms can create. The cost of damage caused by...
Houston, Texas

Majority of U.S. Winter Vacationers Undeterred by Recent Natural Disasters

A new survey by independent marketing communications agency Eric Mower + Associates asked 754 U.S. adults if recent natural disasters–from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and...