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Smart Devices Keep Energy Costs Down

Managing a hotel’s heating and cooling equipment is integral to keeping costs and energy consumption down. As technology progresses, it’s become more and more...

U.S. Companies Refocus Sustainability Plans To Reduce Risk

Bloomington, IN—Earlier this year, Deloitte Resources released its 2017 study on U.S. consumer and business attitudes and practices towards sustainability and the use of natural...
Washing Machine Hotel Laundry

Ozone Laundry Systems Can Help Save Water and Energy

Ozone is a compound in which three atoms of oxygen are combined to form the molecule O3, which is a strong, naturally occurring oxidizing...

Revisiting Solar Energy for Hotels

Solar energy was once a popular option for commercial venues, but when excitement around this renewable energy source waned, other trends started to take...

Hotel Linens: What Do Guests Really Want?

When choosing a hotel, consumers prioritize other factors over sheets and linens, but they do notice them and have opinions about how they are...