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approach to labor costs

Cost Control: Hotels Continue Adjusting Approach to Labor Costs

The pandemic has affected all aspects of hotel operations, including cost allocation and staffing practices. With labor remaining a moving target for the industry,...

Stuck at Home: ‘Uneventful’ Year Sinks Hotel Profitability

Everyone can agree that 2020 was a year full of surprises, record declines in hotel performance, and learning opportunities. For instance, analyses of monthly...
Profit decline

Lobby, Please: The Exit of Hotel Profits

2020 kicked off with slight increases in both total revenues and gross operating profits, however, record industry highs quickly changed to record lows. Approximately...
New York City

U.S. Top 25 Markets Have Been Hit Hard by COVID-19

STR's Top 25 Markets are the largest of the STR-defined U.S. markets. In 2019, they accounted for one-third of all the available rooms in...
Guest checking in at the front desk of a hotel

Pre-COVID Performance of Soft-Branded Hotels

Before the COVID-19 pandemic devastated hotel performance trends across all property types, soft brands were continuing to deliver hardline results at a pace that...