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Claudia Alvarado is an analytics manager for STR.
approach to labor costs

Cost Control: Hotels Continue Adjusting Approach to Labor Costs

The pandemic has affected all aspects of hotel operations, including cost allocation and staffing practices. With labor remaining a moving target for the industry, STR’s monthly profitability data for the United States reflects many...

Stuck at Home: ‘Uneventful’ Year Sinks Hotel Profitability

Everyone can agree that 2020 was a year full of surprises, record declines in hotel performance, and learning opportunities. For instance, analyses of monthly hotel profitability data have shone light on how departments directly...

How the Hurricane Cycle Affects Hotel Demand

Many factors can influence the demand for hotel rooms, but weather-related events have the potential for a stronger impact than others. In particular, hurricanes are known for disrupting the hotel performance dynamics—but they do...
Airport Hotels

Occupancy Outlook: Airport Hotels Have a Chance to Soar

Airport hotels make up the smallest hotel location segment (as defined by STR) with 2,382 hotels that represent only 4.3 percent of hotels in the United States. The 324,908 rooms for airport hotels equate...