Six Tips for Pest Prevention at Hotels

Pest infestations can quickly get out of hand—one bug turning into tens, turning into hundreds. However, management and staff can take simple measures to protect a property from infestations. Tim Husen, Technical Services Manager for Orkin, LLC., offers the following tips to help prevent pests from ruining a guest’s stay.

1. Look closely.
“Oftentimes, pests don’t want to be seen. This means staff must be diligent in looking for the signs of an infestation.”

2. Consult pest management professionals.
“Have a pest management professional on contract, someone who can routinely visit the site on a set schedule. This person will see signs the general employees won’t.”

3. Train your staff.
“I consider rodents, cockroaches, and bedbugs the ‘Big Three’ of hotel pests. All staff should have background training on those three key pests that could really damage your reputation—how to detect them, what to look for, knowing the signs of an infestation.”


4. Take simple precautions.
“Simple precautions, like door sweeps or inspecting the boxes coming into the kitchen area, help spot potential problems before they happen. If this is a new procedure for your staff, a pest management professional can teach them to detect pest introductions at an early level before they become an infestation.”

5. Hand out specific assignments.
“Train different team members on different pests. Housekeepers should be trained to know about bedbugs. Kitchen staff should be well versed in roaches. Facilities staff should be on the lookout for rodent burrows and nests.”

6. Have a contact point.
“There should be one point of contact, say an integrative pest management coordinator, at the hotel who works hand-in-hand with your pest management provider to tackle issues as they occur. Having one person who handles this helps ensure the right people are contacted at the right time.”

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Robin McLaughlin is digital editor of LODGING.