TechnologyOTA Insight Acquires Kriya RevGEN

OTA Insight Acquires Kriya RevGEN

DENVER, DALLAS, and LONDON—OTA Insight announced that it has completed the acquisition of Dallas-based Kriya RevGEN, a hotel revenue intelligence platform that integrates and normalizes disparate data sources across hotel systems to provide a consistent view of hotel performance. This announcement follows last month’s acquisition of short-term rental data provider Transparent and marks a step forward in OTA Insight’s efforts to help hoteliers drive commercial decisions.

Kriya RevGEN’s platform, Spider Analytics, streamlines data collection, analysis, and reporting to optimize performance across groups of hotels. Kriya RevGEN brings together multiple portfolio views and integrates data from a variety of hotel systems to save hotel executives and management teams time, productivity, and key revenue opportunities. Since its formation in 2013, Kriya RevGEN has grown to provide revenue solutions to over 1,000 hotels across the United States and Canada and supports global brands, systems, and management companies.

“RevGEN has experienced rapid, organic growth over the past few years, especially within management groups and chains,” said Bill Daviau, co-founder, and CEO of Kriya RevGEN. “OTA Insight’s vision, global reach, and culture make it the perfect fit for our team. We are excited about this next stage of our growth.”

Together, OTA Insight and Kriya RevGEN will integrate to form a business intelligence solution that can deliver tailored insights for both hotel-level users and multi-property users. “We feel really privileged to be bringing together the very best teams, solutions, and data to deliver the next generation commercial platform for the hospitality industry,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO at OTA Insight. “We are so impressed how Kriya RevGEN simplifies the management of complex commercial strategies across hotel portfolios. Bill and the Kriya RevGEN team’s commitment to delivering transformative applications, the highest quality data, and great customer service make Kriya RevGen and OTA Insight the perfect match.”

“As a long-time customer of both OTA Insight and Kriya RevGen, I am thrilled to see them combine together to level up the distribution and data analytics game,” said Gaurav Sharma, EVP, Revenue Distribution at EOS Hospitality. “Kriya’s secret sauce is simplicity—their ability to deploy complex metrics in a fashion that complements multi-tier commercial needs.”