Now Is the Time to Get Hotel Bathrooms Ready for Post-COVID Occupancy


Great news: Interest in leisure travel is coming roaring back!

However, while COVID stats may continue to drop, guest concerns with germs and bacteria will continue to be top-of-mind. The perception will be, “If it looks dirty, then it is not safe.”

Maintaining clean rooms and bathrooms will be more important than ever before. Bathrooms have the greatest negative impact on guest satisfaction.

  • Are the bathtubs in your hotel chipped, difficult to clean, outdated, or downright ugly?
  • Is the tile grout in the tub surround stained and moldy?
  • Are the vanities scratched, stained, or in poor condition?

What can hoteliers do to get their bathrooms ready for post-COVID occupancy that reflects the pride they take in their rooms?

By applying a new seamless, non-porous finish, existing surfaces can be repaired and restored to a like-new condition. The new finish will look beautiful and be easy to clean and more sanitary. Not only can your bathrooms look better, but they will also be safer for your guests.

Surface refinishing is a cost-effective, easy, and quick solution to revitalize all types of bathtubs, surrounds, floors, vanities, and sinks.

Professional refinishing provides beauty and safety. Not only are any chips, cracks, or scratches repaired to eliminate places for germs to hide, but a new seamless finish makes cleaning much easier. In addition, silver ion anti-microbial finishes will inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria.

Here are a few of the advantages of refinishing to make bathrooms look better and more sanitary as well as provide guests with a great and safe experience:

  • Inexpensive, easy, and quick to implement
  • Surfaces are beautiful again and look like new
  • Seamless, non-porous surfaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Save money
  • Fast return to service minimizes downtime

Ugly or damaged bathtubs, tile, sinks, and vanities don’t have to be replaced. They can be refinished to like-new at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Now is the time!

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Terri McPherson is the VP of Commercial Sales at Miracle Method Surface Refinishing. She is an expert problem solver helping hotels and resorts find solutions for their damaged, unsafe, outdated, and hard to clean surfaces. McPherson coordinates the commercial activities for the Miracle Method network of 150+ franchise offices.


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