Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Launches Paleo Menu

LOS ANGELES—Breeze, the signature restaurant at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, has introduced its new Paleo Menu, which is designed for diners maintaining a strict Paleo diet. Following the success of last year’s Vegan Menu introduction, Breeze chefs are again reaching beyond a traditional hotel dining repertoire to bring guests the most current in dietary and culinary standards.

A Paleo lifestyle is based on the idea of consuming what humans consumed in the Paleolithic era—whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, nourishing foods like grass-fed and pastured meats and eggs, wild-caught seafood, fruit, fungi, roots, nuts and vegetables. Followers believe that the advancement of agriculture and grain-based diets is a large cause of modern disease and obesity so the diet excludes grains, legumes, dairy, potatoes, refined salt and sugar, and processed oils.

Breeze Executive Chef Felix Nappoly and Sous Chef Ali Parvinjah work with neighboring farmers to seek out the finest in regional and local organic produce and to continue their endeavors to provide guests with options in Vegan, Gluten Free, Perfectly Portioned Dishes (500 calories or less), and now Paleo offerings.


A fitness fanatic and ardent follower of culinary trends, Chef Parvinjah took the lead in designing both the Vegan and Paleo Menus. His Vegan menu resulted in him being invited to London to lead master classes on Vegan cooking for all London Hyatt Regency hotels and will soon do the same for Paleo cooking.

The Breeze Paleo Menu, launching November 1, will feature an array of appetizers, entrees and desserts so that a Paleo-perfect diner can eat exclusively to Paleo standards—or so that anyone can dabble in dining Paleo.

Dishes include: Baby Organic Kale with bacon, pomegranate and preserved lemon vinaigrette; Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque; Char Grilled NY Steak, grainy mustard pan sauce, sautéed winter greens; Seared Seabass, roasted artichokes, kalamata olive-tomato ragu, cauliflower “rice,” pinenuts; and Mason Jar Paleo Pumpkin Pie with coconut whipped cream (crust is made with coconut flour, agave, sea salt, coconut oil and egg whites; filling is made with eggs, maple syrup, spices, fresh roasted pumpkin, coconut milk; whipped “cream” is whipped coconut fat).

Breeze is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.