Hoteliers Push Back Against Data Breaches

Following a string of data breaches, major retailers are now closing up holes in their security software, making it more and more difficult for hackers to access their information. While the hospitality industry has not been hit nearly as hard by cybercrime as other industries, such as the financial, defense, and health care sectors, hoteliers are moving to prevent further problems due to the high volume of credit card transactions performed at hotels. According to the Wall Street Journal, on Jan. 14, Hyatt Hotels Corp. announced that it had finished investigating hackers who tapped into payment-processing systems of restaurants, front desks, spas, and parking facilities in 2015. As a way to push back, a working group of hotel chain chief information security officers gathers to share information about the threat. According to NBC News, credit card companies are also helping to flag network break-ins. Hotels are also getting better about supplying timely information about incidents to customers and working with government officials.

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