Guest Connectivity Imperatives

In most U.S. hotels, Wi-Fi is no longer an optional service—it’s a required amenity. Trevor Dowswell, chief technology officer at Hotel Internet Services, offers these tips for hoteliers looking to meet guests’ Wi-Fi expectations.

It has to work. “There are different subsets of guests, so their expectations are a little different depending on the demographic. That said, everyone wants a strong connection. Wi-Fi must function well and guests must be able to use their devices without any issues.”

It has to support multiple devices. “There is the expectation that a guest will be able to connect multiple devices to the in-room Wi-Fi and that all of the devices will work. This is especially true when a family is traveling together and they each have their own devices.”


It has to have enough bandwidth. “If a guest wants a streaming experience, that requires a bandwidth of about 3 megabits per second. A lot of early Wi-Fi plans offer around 1 megabit, which just isn’t enough for streaming. Be sure your bandwidth is what it needs to be.”


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