Five U.S. Markets with the Largest Hotel Construction Pipelines

    PORTSMOUTH, NH-Analysts at Lodging Econometrics released the five U.S. markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines by project count.

    1. New York
    New York has the largest hotel construction pipeline in the U.S. with 181 projects and 30,225 rooms. The city also has the most new hotel openings forecasted for 2017, with 39 hotels and 6,128 rooms. New York is also slated to open the most hotels in 2018 with 48 projects/7,905 rooms and in 2019 with 35 projects/5,046 rooms.

    2. Houston
    Houston’s hotel construction pipeline stands at 148 projects and 16,398 rooms. The city has the third largest number of projected new hotel openings in 2017 behind New York and Dallas, at 27 hotels and 2,828 rooms.


    3. Dallas
    Dallas has 143 projects and 17,580 rooms and the second largest number of new hotel openings expected for 2017, at 37 hotels and 4,510 rooms.

    4. Nashville
    Nashville hit a cyclical peak this quarter with 124 projects and 16,699 rooms.

    5. Los Angeles
    The City of Angels has the fifth largest U.S. hotel construction pipeline with 112 projects/16,780 rooms.

    The markets with the most new project announcements into the pipeline in the last 12 months are: New York with 59 projects/9,563 rooms, Dallas with 54 projects/7,142 rooms, and Orlando with 40 projects/11,394 rooms.