Finding Guests’ Zen with In-Room Yoga

Hard Rock Hotel Rock Om Yoga Program

Earlier this year, Hard Rock Hotels launched its “Rock Om” initiative, an on-demand, in-room yoga experience that expands the company’s Sound Body wellness program. The company partnered with Manduka, a yoga equipment and apparel brand, to provide traveling yogis with everything they need during their stays, and the classes are set to original tracks by renowned producer DJ Drez and instructed by yogi Mari Nikko, who are also husband and wife. LODGING spoke with Dale Hipsh, senior vice president of Hard Rock Hotels and Nora Swire, senior director of marketing for Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, to learn more about the initiative.

Rock Om has guests being much more active than most in-room entertainment. Why did Hard Rock take this approach?

We’re always looking for a white space to color in. It’s more fun to be fresh and authentic than it is to do what everybody else is doing. And when we’re looking to launch a new program, what Nora and I do, honestly, is think about what we would like to do. We both love yoga, so this was a natural fit.

Why do you think guests will 
enjoy doing yoga in their rooms?


When I’m in a hotel room and on a business trip, every second counts. The thought of getting nicely dressed to go to the gym—I’m not going to look terrible going to the gym, I might see someone I know—could stop me from leaving my room. If I just want a quick workout, a streamed class that I can do privately is very appealing. It’s nice to be able to get up, do a yoga class, and go about my day. I also think streaming services are becoming more and more prevalent in the wellness industry.

What advice would you give to a hotelier who wants to implement unique in-room entertainment programming?

It’s about the customers. Listening to the customers, looking at trends, and seeing what’s really making a difference and what people are into. That’s what they want to experience during their stay.

I would add: Do what we do. Think of something you would love as a customer and deliver that. At the end of the day, that’s the best way for a hotelier to be his or her authentic self. You have to do something authentically that rings your bell, that makes you excited, and that you’re really passionate about. And if you do that, then it’ll translate into the work you’re doing.


Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Hotels

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