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For over a decade, Best Buy® Business has established lasting partnerships with thousands of properties within the most respected hotel management companies throughout North America, and in that time the top electronics retailer has accomplished more than just supplying properties the finest technology brands in the industry. It has also always been striving for a mutually beneficial outcome beyond a completed sale or long after an installation has been performed that hotel managers have come to discover and appreciate along the way. The importance of ensuring customizable, real-world solutions and end-to-end support have been the secret ingredients to continually improving guest satisfaction and is what Best Buy Business has been entrusted to from one hotel property to another.

We’re with you every step of the way isn’t just a mantra; it’s how Best Buy Business builds stronger hospitality partnerships, and here are many of the ways they strive to bring that commitment to fruition:

Your Hospitality Account Manager—like a trusted friend

You’ll work with a knowledgeable professional who exclusively supports the hospitality field and who is dedicated to your account. They possess a deep knowledge of large-scale TV refreshes and the outfitting of new hotels with the latest tech. They’ll get to know all aspects of your property and will detail the products you need and the projects to be completed, regardless of timelines or budget.

A Project Manager for any size project

For many hospitality projects, a Project Manager will coordinate everything from order delivery to final installation. They’re an industry expert and will closely partner with you to ensure that things stay on track and on time, striving to provide a seamless, stress-free experience for you and your guests by managing all aspects of the on-site work with virtually no impact to your staff or the guest experience.

Geek Squad® Services, with an emphasis on services

When you work with Best Buy Business, you get access to our nationwide Geek Squad team for turnkey installation, with certified engineers who can design IT and A/V solutions to meet the complex needs of your hotel property. It also goes without saying that they’re always available with support after your installation is complete.

IT and A/V, ASAP

We handle all the IT services you’d expect from Geek Squad, including setting up computers, software, and office tech, and installing and securing network and wireless capabilities. We can also set up a secure guest network, create a business center with workstations and printers, and get front desk devices up and running so your hotel staff can more easily communicate.

On the A/V side, we can quickly and seamlessly mount hundreds of hospitality TVs, install wayfinding kiosks and digital signage, as well as A/V in meeting halls, conference rooms, and workout spaces.

And of Course: The Tech Designed to Enhance the Guest Experience

Hospitality-grade TVs

When you choose hospitality-grade TVs for your hotel, you’re getting a product with specialized features that consumer TVs can’t offer. They’re designed to be on for extended periods, with lock-out capabilities to deter guests from changing settings, and programming can flow to every room from a single source. We also have special partnerships with Samsung and LG, providing your guests with a superior entertainment experience—whether it’s in-room or at your property’s bar or restaurant.

Digital signage

Digital signage in the right locations can keep your hotel guests informed about your property’s amenities, how to get around, conference schedules/room information, and much more. Colorful menu boards can help increase your food and beverage revenue, while video-conferencing capabilities can create more successful business gatherings.

A one-stop appliances shop

Whether it’s a mini-fridge for standard guest rooms or a full kitchen package for extended stay and vacation ownership properties, we’ll work with you to select best-in-class appliances that fit your needs and budget. We also make delivery and installation easy and hassle-free, and we’ll haul away and recycle your hotel property’s old appliances responsibly.

Outdoor solutions

Bring the comfort of the indoors to your outdoor space and provide your guests a relaxing, home-away-from-home experience. We offer a wide selection of patio furniture, heaters, and misters; TVs and audio products designed specifically for the elements; and digital signage for menus and guest information.

Safety to a ‘T’

Guest and employee expectations in a post-COVID-19 world, especially as it pertains to hotel cleanliness and safety, continue to evolve. From air purifiers and foggers to employee safety devices, we have the products, solutions, and installation capabilities to meet these changing needs and challenges.

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About the Author
Jason Sawyer is a Senior Writer for Best Buy Business, and fourteen-year veteran of Best Buy.

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Jason Sawyer is a Senior Writer for Best Buy Business, and fourteen-year veteran of Best Buy.