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Patrick Bosworth is CEO and a co-founder of Duetto, a revenue strategy platform company based in San Francisco.

Why Hotels Should Reevaluate Their Tech Stack

I’m not surprised by all the current excitement for new technologies and for what we think might be emerging trends in the hotel industry. In the press and at shows like CES or ALIS,...

Competition Among OTAs, Search Players Leaves Hotels with Options

Google has appeared more aggressive in the travel space lately, inserting itself into the competition between hotels and online travel agencies for primacy among consumers searching for a room. The search engine was a...

Hotel-OTA Competition Improves Focus on Distribution

When the CEOs of Expedia and Marriott International gave separate talks at the Skift Global Forum last month, they downplayed the competition between hotels and online travel agencies, but there’s a little more to...

Strategizing for Winning in Uncertain Times Starts Now

Uncertainty and volatility are threatening hotel occupancy and profitability in markets all over the world right now. But, forward-thinking hotels can formulate strategies that prepare them for the effects of sudden changes on the...

Data Drives the Right Strategy in Any Age of Travel

Hoteliers never seem to agree what point in the industry cycle we’re in, and right now is no different. Is it the “Golden Age of Travel,” like we heard at the recent NYU International...
direct booking conversion rate

Loyalty Pricing Should Be Weapon of Choice Against OTAs

The last time I saw it, Hilton Worldwide’s marketing campaign could not have been placed any better for me to argue that hotels’ new industry-wide focus on loyalty pricing and direct booking is exactly...