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Patrick Bosworth is CEO and a co-founder of Duetto, a revenue strategy platform company based in San Francisco.
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Live Rates Make Multi-Channel Distribution Strategies Work

It’s an exciting time for hotel marketing, as new options in ad tech seem to come online every week. However, hotels need to make sure their own websites and booking engines can integrate with...
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To Win the Future, Avoid Innovation Mistakes from the Past

It’s fun to think about the hotel of the future and what that next-generation guest experience could look like. But when hoteliers imagine transforming their properties with check-in kiosks, robot butlers, and rooms controlled via...

Hotels—Not OTAs—Own the Data That Makes the Difference

Online travel agencies (OTAs) have built incredibly successful, valuable businesses, and their websites largely define what consumers now expect from the modern booking experience. But even Expedia and Priceline can’t be all things to...

Don’t Flatter OTAs with Imitation—Fight Back with Innovation

Despite owning zero real estate and having no experience running a property, online travel agencies are a force in the hotel industry because they continually refine an online shopping experience that consumers like. The...

Conversion is King For Marketing and Loyalty Initiatives

For all the fanfare that accompanied the start of brands’ campaigns a year and half ago, hotel CEOs’ public discussion of the success of this media blitz around hotel loyalty and direct bookings has...