Finance & DevelopmentDevelopmentZ Life Company and Sightline Hospitality Debut Hotel Designs

Z Life Company and Sightline Hospitality Debut Hotel Designs

Third-party management company Sightline Hospitality has joined with woman-owned developer, Z Life Company, to debut the first of many efficiently designed and constructed hotel developments in Las Vegas, Nevada this fall. Affiliated with Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio soft brand and located in the Arts District, the 74-room hotel with a bar and restaurant is a rollout of Z Life’s proprietary M8TRIX building model, using a pre-engineered modular wall system that provides the building’s entire structural support. This semi-modular system is a cost-effective, sustainable, and time-efficient building process with a clean finish. Z Life’s low-cost model allowed them to continue through the 2020 market, showing that this proprietary modular design works well during recessions. Z Life is starting three additional projects this year, scaling their development model quickly across the United States.

Basis of Design

Inspired by the efficiency of prefab assembly with the flexibility of modern construction, the hotel’s design uses pre-engineered load-bearing walls to carry the weight of the building without additional steel or column supports. The absence of additional support allows for an open façade with glass windows, balconies, architectural elements, and a variety of cladding options to match the local environment.

The Z Life model takes the best efficiencies of prefab—including cost savings, sustainability, and schedule—and makes it workable in real-life construction. The structural walls used can adapt to imperfect sight conditions, changes in design, and challenging development schedules, plus add a higher level of architectural aesthetics compared to traditional prefab.

With plans to debut three hotel projects this year, Z Life’s modular design allows for quick construction on a budget. With the advent of each new year, the production target will increase.

Price of Construction

As a result of the efficiencies of prefab, construction costs are 40 percent lower than building with a conventional model, with a cost breakdown of $240 per square foot as compared to the traditional $400 per square foot. Additionally, the cost of on-site labor is cut in half, as construction of the base model can be completed in eight months compared to a typical 16-month schedule. Considering the challenges of 2020 and the pandemic’s toll on the financial markets, Z Life’s cost-efficiency—along with creative financial solutions by the project’s financial sponsor, Capella Mortgage—allowed the project to continue construction through 2020 with an opening date this fall.

Accommodations and Amenities

Influenced by the wide variety of people, cultures, and experiences of Las Vegas, the non-gaming hotel serves as a nuanced environment where guests and locals are encouraged to intermix while working, relaxing, or enjoying. The four-story, 38,000 square foot lifestyle hotel offers 74 guestrooms, a private pool deck, and a bar and restaurant with an indoor/outdoor layout and glass-enclosed chef’s table. The Las Vegas hotel provides guests with an off-strip hotel option in contrast to the usual grandeur of the Las Vegas strip.