The Top World Regions and Markets for Hotel Construction

    Lodging Econometrics has released its Global Construction Pipeline Trend Report, which compiles the construction pipeline for every country and market in the world. Currently, the regions with the most hotel projects in the construction pipeline are North America with 6,226 projects/797,949 rooms, Asia Pacific with 4,231 projects/911,454 rooms, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) with 2,174 projects/418,391 rooms.

    The countries with the most hotel construction projects are the United States with 5,151 projects/623,695 rooms and China with 2,519 projects/560,664 rooms. The United States accounts for 41 percent of hotel projects in the global pipeline while China accounts for 20 percent, so that 61 percent of the global pipeline is concentrated in just two countries.

    The cities with the largest hotel construction pipelines are: New York with 180 projects/30,699 rooms, Dallas with 149 projects/17,860 rooms, Houston with 146 projects/15,714 rooms, Dubai with 143 projects/40,631 rooms, and Shanghai 132 projects/25,367 rooms.

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