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State capital building in Sacramento, California — California Legislature

New California Laws Affecting Employers in the Hospitality Industry

In 2019, the California Legislature passed several important labor and employment laws. The new laws are likely to affect the practices and procedures of...

Minimizing Safety Risks and Workers Compensation Premiums

Having a culture of safety, says Dan Killins, is an essential element in minimizing on-the-job injuries and illnesses that can lead to potentially higher...
Return to Work

12 Steps for Bringing Injured Employees Back To Work

The daily hazards encountered by those working in the lodging industry can often lead to injuries. Even when employees are provided the best training...
wrapping an injury - workers' compensation

Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims and Raising Employee Morale

The lodging and hospitality industry spans a range of employee types from hourly wage earners and seasonal staff to salaried team members. Providing health...

WorkComp Control Can Prevent Employees from Early Check-Out

According to a recent study by the National Institute of Health (NIH), hotel workers have higher rates of occupational injury and illness compared with...