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How Red Roof Got in Front of Pandemic Protocols and Training

Red Roof housekeeper Margarita Chavez sanitizes high-touch areas as part of Red Roof RediClean.
In the earliest days of the pandemic, Red Roof didn’t need to be told that changes would have to be made. The company quickly put together a task force with representatives from across its departments to face the gathering storm. From there, Red Roof launched RediClean, enhanced cleaning protocols and training to combat the spread of COVID-19 and give...

Running on Empty: Protecting People and Business During the COVID-19 Crisis

Hotel staff plan during COVID-19 crisis
The hotel industry has taken an unexpected twist in the wake of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. With an increasing number of states ordering all but essential workers to shelter in place as the pandemic threatens to overwhelm the U.S. healthcare system and have a serious impact on the country’s previously robust economy, hotels, along with the rest of the...