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How to Stay Connected With Hotel Employees During COVID-19

To stop the spread of COVID-19, people are hunkering down at home. Families are abandoning vacation plans. Companies are eliminating business trips. Austin’s famous...
Women checks list during inspection

Be Prepared: A Five-Step Approach for Creating a Plan That Prioritizes Guest Safety

All hotels—from bed and breakfasts and transient highway hotels to downtown convention centers and luxury properties—need to have safety protocols in place. Below is...
Crisis communications

Responding To a Crisis

Have a question for our experts? Submit it here. How should I publicly respond to a crisis at my hotel?  Fortune favors the prepared, so when...

Back in Business: Three Ways Preparedness Can Help Hotels Recover Quickly

In November 2017 at HX: The Hotel Experience, 
industry experts described how being prepared can help hoteliers recover as quickly 
and efficiently as possible....