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in good company

In Good Company Partners With Hotel Equities on Pilot Program

ATLANTA, Georgia—In Good Company announced it has entered into a new partnership with Hotel Equities to focus on a pilot program in Georgia involving...
hospitality for hope - free training

IDeaS Updates Client Learning Journey Experience

MINNEAPOLIS—IDeaS updated its client experience with new enhancements to the IDeaS learning journey. This effort includes the implementation of live chat support, monthly live...
Hospitality Certifications

Knowland Certification Program Launches for Hotel Sales Teams

ARLINGTON, Virginia—Knowland introduced the Knowland Certification Program, which includes three certification credentials to help hotel sales professionals grow their skill sets, professional profiles, and...

AHLA Foundation Expands Apprenticeship Programs

WASHINGTON—AHLA Foundation, in partnership with the Employment and Training Administration Office of Apprenticeship at the U.S. Department of Labor, will expand its registered apprenticeship...
Saira Hospitality

Saira Hospitality CEO on Training Hotel Workers via Pop-Up Schools

A worldwide program that has thus far trained workers primarily from outside the United States to serve the hospitality industry was actually born here....