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Thwarting Ransomware: 3 Stages of Preparedness for Hoteliers

As hotels and hospitality businesses grapple with the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, one of the most massive challenges they face is ransomware. Potentially causing...
MGM Resorts

MGM Undergoes Systems Shutdown After Cybersecurity Attack  

MGM Resorts International reported a "cybersecurity issue" Monday that could potentially impact its 19 hospitality, gaming and entertainment properties across the U.S. The cybersecurity issue...
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Cyber-Safety in an Era of Hospitality Automation

Hoteliers beware: As the hospitality industry responds to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, efforts to ensure guest and employee safety through automation and...

Cybersecurity Checklist: Six Best Practices for Hotels

From travel cancellations to layoffs and furloughs for employees, the impact of quarantine orders and COVID-19 best practices included dramatic reductions in hotel and...
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Hotels Face Digital Risks as They Return to Business

Few industries have been hit as hard by the outbreak of COVID-19 as the hotel industry. According to STR, nearly seven out of 10...