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LODGING On Demand — Episode 9: Considerations for Boutique Hotels

Episode 9: Considerations for Boutique Hotels

LODGING Editor Kate Hughes speaks with Ariela Kiradjian, Partner and COO of Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA), Fran Kiradjian, Founder and CEO of BLLA,...

Ariela and Frances Kiradjian on BLLA’s New Websites and Member Programs

Earlier this week, the Boutique Lifestyle & Leaders Association (BLLA) announced a soft relaunch of two of the association’s websites, as well as new...
Ariela Kiradjian

Broadening Boutique: Ariela Kiradjian of BLLA and Stay Boutique on the Future of Boutique

The mother-daughter duo of Ariela and Frances Kiradjian is most definitely a dynamic one. Together, they run both the Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association...
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Hospitality Influencers Weigh In on the Boutique Lifestyle Shift

At this year’s Boutique 
Hotel Investment 
Conference, leaders in the boutique space spoke about factors influencing an industry shift toward unique hotel products. “So many...

BLLA Announces New Identity at Annual Investment Conference

At BLLA’s 2018 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference, which took place on Wednesday, June 6 at The Times Center in Manhattan, the organization’s COO, Ariela...