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Obama Administration Delays Employer Health-Care Mandate Until 2015

An announcement issued by the White House on Tuesday states that implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employer mandate, originally scheduled for January 1, 2014, has been delayed until 2015.

The Administration made the decision after listening to and dialoguing with business owners that were concerned about reporting under the law that calls for data about each worker’s access to and enrollment in health insurance. This may require some businesses to implement new data collection systems and coordination. The Administration has suspended this reporting for 2014 as it attempts to work with employers, insurers, and experts to propose a smarter system.

“We thank the Administration for announcing the delay in the employer mandate, and for giving additional time for the many businesses across the country that are making a concerted, good faith effort to implement the new regulations,” said Katherine Lugar, AH&LA president and CEO. “This postponement will give hoteliers, among other important drivers of our economy, the opportunity to work with the Administration to address outstanding concerns and provide input on final regulations that will provide coverage for millions of Americans without slowing our economic growth.”