Industry NewsJW Marriott Marquis Miami, Hotel Beaux Arts Miami Earn Green Honor

JW Marriott Marquis Miami, Hotel Beaux Arts Miami Earn Green Honor

MIAMI—The JW Marriott Marquis Miami and Hotel Beaux Arts Miami, which is located directly above the JW Marriott Marquis Miami on the 39th floor, have announced that both properties have been honored by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for achieving its Three Palm Certification as Florida Green Lodging Program Designated Properties. To achieve the One, Two, Three or Four Palm levels, a hotel must reach a specific number of points based on implementing the required “green” practices. The JW Marriott Marquis Miami and Hotel Beaux Arts Miami were promoted for implementing such practices and are currently two of three hotels in the Downtown Miami and Brickell area to hold a Three Palm rating.

Both hotels achieved this new rating by implementing innovative resources and practices in their green efforts.

“We’re thrilled to earn this distinction as we strive to continue reducing our carbon footprint and preserve Florida’s natural resources,” said Florencia Tabeni, general manager of the JW Marriott Marquis Miami and Hotel Beaux Arts Miami.

A few of the numerous green initiatives the JW Marriott Marquis Miami and Hotel Beaux Arts Miami have adopted include:

The AquaRecycle water conservation system in the laundry area works to conserve more than 1.5 million gallons of drinking water per year, prevents 1.5 million gallons of chemical laden waste water from returning to the environment, prevents more than 2,100 pounds of total organic carbon from being released to the waste water treatment plant per year, and keeps more than 200 tons of Green House Gases from entering the atmosphere in the form of C02. The water recycling system applies a proven water purification process to the way laundry is done. The filtration and treatment process provides clean, disinfected, and pre-heated water to the washing machines for additional laundry loads.

The INNCOM E528 by Honeywell energy saving thermostats in each guest room has cut down on energy use exponentially at both hotels. The system senses human movement or non-movement and turns off automatically when the guest is not in the room. The system offers an easy to use “eco” functionality that guests can activate to let the system know when they are leaving the room. This allows guests to cycle the system down a few minutes earlier than the human non-movement detection sensor already installed. Additionally, the thermostat offers an HVAC controller, which automatically adjusts fan speeds and valves or compressor run time to achieve set temperature. As the key node in an Energy Management System (EMS), the system receives inputs from the PIR motion detector and the wired or wireless door switches to determine guestroom occupancy. During times when the room is rented, but the guest is not present, the temperature may range up or down within a programmable setback band from the guest’s selected temperature.

The hotels’ new Power Knot Liquid Food Composter (LFC) digests food waste in a clean, sanitary, and odorless manner, reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint by eliminating the amount of waste sent to landfills and decreasing the amount of methane gases released into the environment. Especially useful in the hotel’s banquet operations, the composter digests food within 24 hours and then converts it into nutrient-rich grey water that can be released down the drain or used for landscape maintenance.

The JW Marriott Marquis Miami and Hotel Beaux Arts Miami’s Green Meetings initiative offers guests who host meetings on property the opportunity to take a green approach to gatherings with offerings, including 100 percent post-consumer recycled note pads, pens made from recycled materials, water service with no plastic water bottles, in-meeting room recycling, online event menus, several menu options featuring local and organic foods, organic flowers upon request, and paperless e-billing.

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