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Megan Kelly is an intern at LODGING.
Santa Monica

Creating Luxury Hotel Experiences That Don’t Strain the Environment

More and more businesses are choosing to make more earth-friendly choices, and the hotel industry is not immune. More brands are rejecting the idea that luxury travel and guest experiences must put a strain on...
Sarah Robbins, COO, 21c Museum Hotels

Sarah Robbins: Learning and Growing Through Hospitality

Sarah Robbins got her start at 21c Museum Hotels as a founding partner. Now, as chief operating officer of the brand, she oversees both F&B and hotel operations, as well as HR. Robbins discussed...
Tablet in the guestroom

How Guests Are Using In-Room Tablets

Technology has permeated nearly every aspect of society today with the goal of making life easier. Following the examples of how individuals are using technology at home, hotels are integrating technology throughout guestrooms, often...

Inside Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis

Designed to act as a social hub for the 
St. Louis Grand Center Arts District, the Lawrence Group’s Angad Arts Hotel immerses its guests in constant, spontaneous creativity of all kinds, celebrating the surrounding...
Be Friendlier Safety Kids for special needs kids

Accommodating Special Needs Families

For families that include children with developmental or intellectual disabilities, vacationing may not be an easy task. Aimee Allenback is working to change that with her Be Friendlier program, which offers hotels strategies for...