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Top photo: The Tuscany, New York City - cultures

Three Tips for Transitioning Hotel Brands Across Cultures

Hospitality leader Abigail Tan, head of U.K., Europe, and North America for St Giles Hotels, shares how hoteliers can 
transition brands across cultures while expanding. 1. Know what matters. “When we design hotels, we take into...
Top photo: The Tuscany, New York City - cultures

Abigail Tan’s Creativity & Charisma Inspires Hotel Brand’s Growth

When picturing a hospitality leader, one doesn’t typically envision a person who loves jumping off tall objects, riding a Ducati, partaking in Thai kickboxing, or flying a helicopter. But that’s just what Abigail Tan,...

A Broker’s Perspective: What Hoteliers Can Expect in 2018

Hoteliers seem to be in agreement—2018 is off to a much smoother start than 2017, which was clouded by uncertainty surrounding the new presidential administration. “At this year’s Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS), I...
Mobile key

Four Ways Hotels Can Improve Mobile Key Security

Mobile keys are a relatively new technology, but they are rapidly gaining a foothold in the lodging industry. Of course, as with most mobile tech, securing data sent and received via mobile keys is...

Making Sure Employees Can Communicate in a Crisis

Hotels promise to provide guests with a comfortable stay, and hotel employees are responsible for making that happen. However, like many other industries, hospitality work has its security concerns—both for the safety of guests...