Three Tips for Transitioning Hotel Brands Across Cultures

Hospitality leader Abigail Tan, head of U.K., Europe, and North America for St Giles Hotels, shares how hoteliers can 
transition brands across cultures while expanding.

1. Know what matters.

“When we design hotels, we take into 
account what’s important to the people in the area and what’s 
important to guests traveling to this area,” Tan explains.

2. Respect for all.


“We think well of each other; we understand each other; we fight, we play, and we laugh together, but we all have a level of respect for each other. I always say, ‘Leave your ego at the door,’” Tan says.

3. Nothing’s perfect.

“You respect everybody’s culture and you respect that there will be communication issues sometimes, but we all have the same goal at the end of the day,” Tan concludes.



Top photo: The Tuscany, New York City 

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