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Christine Killion is the digital editor of LODGING.
Buckeye bourbon house - Concord Hospitality

Concord Hospitality Puts More Focus on F&B

Full-service hotels in crowded hospitality markets are finding themselves at a crossroads when it comes to their F&B programs. More traditional offerings may no longer attract travelers looking to get out and explore an...
The Time Nyack - Alexa Dot - AI

Hotels Adopt AI with Caution

AI isn’t just a buzzword at Dream Hotel Group. It just may be the future of guest services. That ultimately depends on the outcome of a pilot program to add voice-activated assistants and other...
WeChat Pay - Digital Pay

Hotels Add Digital Pay To Accommodate Chinese Travelers

The Chinese digital payment economy is massive—and growing. The leading digital payment services, Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent’s WeChat Pay, processed a combined $2.9 trillion in 2016, according to reports from the UN-based Better Than...
Storm weather hurricane insurance claim

Legal Advice for Filing Storm Damage Claims

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria marked the start of a devastating hurricane season for the U.S. hospitality industry. Hotels across Texas, the U.S. Southeast, and the Caribbean are now assessing the damage, filing claims...
Human Trafficking

Pooling Community Resources To Take On Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a hidden crime. It isn’t widely understood or recognized, and its secretive nature is part of the reason it is so ubiquitous across industries around the world. The transient nature of...
human trafficking

Working with Local Partners to Combat Human Trafficking

Craig Kalkut, vice president of government affairs at the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), and Fran Hughes, director of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP), recommend that hoteliers build local partnerships to address human...