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Anthony Melchiorri, hotel fixer and host of Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, loves dishing out advice. From sharing best practices to tackling operational issues, he’s here to answer your questions. Got a question? 
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Ask Anthony: Encouraging Employees to Stay Long Term

I manage a high-end, established luxury hotel that has been recently renovated. The product itself is wonderful, but we are having issues of high turnover. What can we do to encourage employees to stay...
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Ask Anthony: Current and Future Hotel Development

What is your opinion on the current state and future of hotel development? The hotel industry is in the midst of a period of significant growth, with new builds and conversions on the rise. In...
Ask Anthony Melchiorri

Ask Anthony: The Rapid Evolution of Technology

What is your perspective on the rapid evolution of hotel technology? In today’s fast-paced world, hotels need to embrace technology to enhance the service they provide. The integration of innovative technologies allows hotels to streamline...
Ask Anthony Melchiorri

Ask Anthony: How Can Hotels Take Advantage of AI Technology?

I keep hearing about AI technologies like ChatGPT in the news. How can hotels best take advantage of this new technology?* As a veteran of the hospitality industry, I’ve seen how technology has revolutionized and...
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Ask Anthony: What Is Your Opinion of the State of the Hospitality Industry Going...

The hospitality industry has never seen more change, challenges, and opportunities since the invention of the national highway system. If you are not flexible and adaptive, you will miss opportunities and will struggle. When...