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Amazon Alexa

Volara Creates Accuracy Engine for Amazon’s Alexa

NEW YORK—Guests each have their own colloquialisms and accents, and verbally convey their intents to hotels in a myriad of ways. Volara has developed...
Alexa for Hospitality

Amazon Enters Hotels with Alexa for Hospitality

SEATTLE—Amazon has announced Alexa for Hospitality, a new experience offered by invitation to hoteliers that brings Alexa to hotels, vacation rentals, and other hospitality...
Voice control

Looking Ahead to Voice-Controlled, In-Room Entertainment

While voice-controlled personal assistants like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home have yet to be widely adopted for entertainment purposes in the hotel industry, many...
IBM Watson Assistant in a hotel room

IBM Smart Assistant Aims to Create a Seamless Hotel Experience

IBM Watson this week announced the launch of Watson Assistant, an enterprise AI assistant that can be accessed via voice or text interaction. The...
Red Roof Amazon Alexa

Red Roof Connects with Travelers at Home Through Amazon Alexa

Columbus, OH–Red Roof is rolling out a new way for hoteliers to connect directly with consumers at home through Amazon’s Alexa Skills platform. A...