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How Hotels Can Differentiate Themselves From Short-Term Rentals and Gain Market Share

Years ago, low interest rates inspired many people to buy homes and turn them into short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb. As the short-term...
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Mind the Gap: Short-Term Rentals Fill a Visible Need in London’s Hospitality Market

London’s short-term rental listings have more than tripled since 2015. While this is common for major cities around the globe, a look at London...
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What Hotels Can Learn from Short-Term Rentals

Until recently, when travelers needed a place to stay away from home, their options were fairly limited. A business traveler stayed in a hotel...

STR: Short-Term Rentals Record Higher Occupancy Than Hotels in Three Markets

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee — Short-term rentals in Miami, Nashville, and Philadelphia recorded increases in occupancy and revenue per available room (RevPAR) in February 2021, according...

STR: Miami Short-Term Rentals Outperformed Hotels in December

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee — Miami’s short-term rental sector posted its best overall performance since the beginning of the pandemic, according to December 2020 data from...