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Duetto Pulse Report: Cancellations Wane As Recovery Continues

The latest edition of the Duetto Pulse Report, which compares data from February 2022 with January 2022 and cross-references this with previous years’ performance,...
Planning travel and booking online

Report: U.S. Hotels Have Reason for Optimism as Consumer Confidence Grows

The latest edition of Duetto’s Pulse Report, which tracked data for February 2021, shows that the majority of markets across the Americas are continuing...
Booking travel online

Interest in Travel Still Growing, but Bookings Remain Modest

Duetto’s latest Pulse Report, which tracked data from September 21 to October 4, shows interest in travel continues to rise across the United States....
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Hospitality Vendors and Service Providers Launch COVID-19 Tools and Resources

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, scores of hospitality vendors and service providers have rolled out tools and resources—many of which they are offering...