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GDPR: Steps for Complying with Employer Responsibilities

GDPR—four letters of the alphabet that are proving to represent one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation...
GDPR - Personal Data Security

GDPR Privacy Rules Will Impact U.S. Hoteliers

Nearly everyone in the United States is accustomed to the seemingly unstoppable spread of their personal information. Buying from one online retailer may lead...

Easy Privacy

Axxess Industries’ PrivacyService is comprised of an electronic “Do Not Disturb” touchpad that communicates to staff whether a guest wants privacy or needs housekeeping...

Safeguarding Room Keys and Guest Privacy

Room attendants will service about 16 guestrooms per day. In between rooms, they’ll make trips to the housekeeping office, supply storeroom, linen closets, employee...