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Jennifer Brumfield is a technical specialist and board-certified entomologist with Western Pest Services, a New Jersey-based pest management company serving businesses and homeowners in major Northeastern markets

8 Pro Tips for a Pest-Free Property: From Thorough Inspections to Proper Food Storage...

Although hotels strive to offer their patrons an unforgettable experience, pest problems can ruin even the most beautiful settings. With various amenities all on one property—from spas to gourmet dining—pests are sure to be...
Woman in protective gloves cleaning a door handle with a disinfection spray and disposable wipes

Four Sanitation Tips to Prepare for a Travel Surge

Hotels typically see a travel spike during the summer seasons, but the surge in vacationers during the 2021 summer season will be different; U.S. travelers are more eager to leave their homes than ever...