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Old Fashioned - Cocktail Box Co.

DIY Drinks: Helping Guests Make Their Own Craft Cocktails

Hotel bars vary in design but are all similar in service, and minibars tend to provide the same options across the board. Combining external...

Data-Driven Minibars Help Provide the Beverages Guests Want

Minibar operations can be expensive for both guests and hotels, and not just at luxury hotels, but also at affordable accommodations and economy properties....

Minibar Market Projected to be Worth $1.49 Billion by 2024

The global minibar market size is projected to reach $1.49 billion by 2024, owing to the transformation, growth, and emergence of the hospitality industry...
Bartech Hotel Minibar

The Future of the Hotel Minibar is Automation

From booking stays to accessing guestrooms and requesting amenities, today’s guests have made their preferences for immediate service overwhelmingly clear to hoteliers. Yet when...