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bed bug

Staying Vigilant: Housekeeping’s Role in Creating a Bed Bug-Free Haven

In the hospitality industry, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for guests is extremely important. However, one persistent challenge that can mar the reputation...
guestroom cleaning protocol

The New Guestroom Cleaning Protocol

As hotels continue to struggle to fully staff their housekeeping departments in a post-COVID environment, many properties are opting to offer guestroom cleaning only...
guestroom use strategy

Good Housekeeping: Developing a Rotational Guestroom Use Strategy

Hotels typically do not run full occupancy daily. A unified strategy between the housekeeping department and the front office can stratify which guestrooms should...

How to Calculate Housekeeping Times

Time is money. For the lodging industry, this is especially applicable when it comes to cleaning costs. Many facility managers assume they can multiply...