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Event Management

NYU Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality Creates MS in Event Management

NEW YORK—Over the past two decades, the event industry has undergone a period of rapid growth. As the field has evolved, the need for...
Best Western Plus West Lawrence

Partnering with Local Alumni Associations is a Win-Win Proposition

When the Best Western Plus West Lawrence in Lawrence, Kan., opens its doors in October, it is not going to be hurting for business....
Meeting Planner

The One Practice That Will Earn a Meeting Planner’s Trust

Even with the best of intentions, some hotel sales managers unwittingly prioritize winning the sale before building trust with the meeting planner. By simply...
Book group business

Five Closing Tactics to Book Group Business

Blazingly successful group sales managers and directors don’t wait to initiate the close. They work the close right from the start. Today’s meeting planners are...
Groups and Meetings

Kalibri Labs Report Reveals Increased Intermediation in the Groups and Meetings Segment

A new Kalibri Labs report reveals increased intermediation in the groups and meetings segment of the hotel industry, the associated costs, and future projections....