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HotStats: Q1 2022 Hotel Performance Ends Strong

According to HotStats, Q1 2022 hotel performance ended strong with March profit surging across most global regions, a sign of stronger revenues, better conversion...

HotStats: Global Hotel Industry Shows Strong Performance in February

HotStats reported that February was a stronger month all around for the global hotel industry, but escalating line item expenses could derail what’s already...
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HotStats: Global Hotel Performance Stabilized by the End of 2021

Although HotStats reports that 2021 had abnormalities, global hotel performance for the year ended on a stabilized note. The global hotel industry’s climb back...
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HotStats: Global Hotel Industry Makes Monthly Strides in July

LONDON — According to July profit and loss data from HotStats, the global regions continue to accrue negative months of profitability, with the exception...
Global COVID-19 pandemic — June 2020

HotStats: Global Hotel Performance Struggles in June

LONDON — As the second quarter of 2020 closed, global regions continued to struggle with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, with some areas...