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Best Western

2021 Guide to Franchising

COVID-19 significantly altered the hospitality landscape as hoteliers responded to changing market conditions and evolving pandemic-era guidelines. U.S. hoteliers have had to make tough decisions...
Carlos Flores

A Growing Culture: Sonesta CEO Carlos Flores on the Company’s Expansive Path Forward

Carlos Flores is president and CEO of Sonesta International Hotels Corporation, which, after acquiring RLH Corporation earlier this year, is now one of the...
Executive roundtable on branded hotel value

Six Top Hotel Execs Discuss the Value of Branded Properties

Development executives from six top hotel companies discuss the value of branded properties in today’s lodging market. More brands are entering the hospitality space each...
Hotel RL Olympia WA Living Stage

Red Lion Plans Brand Realignment

Red Lion Hotels Corporation (RLHC) announced plans for realigning its brand portfolio. The news follows the September 2016 acquisition of Vantage Hospitality’s hotel franchising business from which the...

IFA Challenges Seattle Wage Law Franchise Provision

The International Franchise Association (IFA), a Washington, D.C.-based trade group, and five franchisees today filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Seattle seeking...